If you're like me, you like to look unique and turn heads when you walk into a room. but how can you do that if you're dressed like everyone else? How can you make a statement if your statement is similar to your that of your friends? What can you do to set yourself apart? 

One of the most important accessories to complete any outfit is a handbag. In the UK, over twenty-percent of women purchased a handbag last year just to accessorize an outfit, proving just how important the handbag is to making a woman feel well-dressed. If you also consider that over £1.2 billion was spent on this accessory, then you realize that finding the right handbag is not just a matter of style; it is a necessity. 

EmerySolene handmade handbags are designed to help you stand out. Each bag is created out of my passion for unique design and originality. For many years I have created handmade originals for friends and family, but now I've decided to include you. Whether it's from African prints, cotton, corduroy, leather, linen or some other beautiful material, every bag is handmade with love and is perfectly finished, lined and waterproof, so it can withstand any kind of weather or even your little, or not-so-little accidents. Ranging from small purse sized bags to larger sizes that can hold everything a woman needs when she's on the go, short of the kitchen sink, there's also sets of two and three in different sizes to ensure your every need is met.  

There's a bag created just for you, the only one in the world, and it's waiting to be filled with your personality. No one else, not your co-workers, family, or even your best friend will have your handbag, and that's a wonderful feeling. Browse our collection, make your choice, then check out EmerySolene's  range of other fabulous handmade products.

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