Welcome to EmerySolene, a home-based business. My main lookout is to maintain earth consciousness and be respectful of our planet. I create 100% natural handmade and cruelty-free soap without any chemicals. I would like to ensure that the products I create will not harm the skin of the ones who use them. It is specially created with simple and natural ingredients.

My mission is to provide customers with products that have fewer chemicals that are not harmful to the environment. Some people prefer using natural products without a lot of these chemicals in their beauty products. I ensure that you not only enjoy using the products but also will thoroughly clean your skin without causing any harm.

I started a course in soap making, bought a lot of books on soap making and did my complete research. After I successfully created the products like - bar soap, liquid soap, shampoos, creams and used them once,  my family and friends started noticing the change in my skin and found interest in trying my products.  I had problems with every soap I bought no matter how mild they were.  Even after using the baby soaps, I had problems. My skin used to itch after every bath and dry. I have surfed the internet and learned how to make natural soap from just oils and lye no chemicals. I also don't use Paraben in the soaps.

I did a lot of research and found out about sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) in soap.

Generally, the amount of SLS found in your care products comes in limited concentration. Some people don't believe that SLS works properly and an increasing number of products that don’t contain SLS are appearing on the market.

The FDA regards SLS as safe as a food additive. The safety assessment of SLS is published in 1983 in the International Journal of Toxicology and it has been found that it’s not harmful if used briefly and rinsed from the skin, as with shampoos and soaps.

Thus, I have made sure to make my soap, which has none of these. This encouraged me to sell these naturally created products. I try to use natural products as much as possible and avoid using hazardous chemicals and harmful ingredients. It is essential to see what you put on the outer side of your body as important as it is to consider what you put within.